Why MEG ?

Not one size fits all and hence we follow a unique approach to cater to each learner's needs, some of our exemplary features includes

  • Student get the choice from one of the top universities of the country for the admission
  • Open admission (Round the year and round the clock)
  • Multiple two way communication channel with learners(Web based, Email, Social, Teleconference voice and SMS)
  • Expert Academic Counselling face to face and online(to facilitate what how and when to do)
  • Adaptive self learning material to cater diverse learning style
  • Next generation unified learning management system
  • Timely results and certifications
  • Aggressive placement group that provides placement opportunities during and after program
  • Access to key regular universities
  • Extensive student support service
  • Participatory management
  • Learner friendly, flexible learning methodology
  • Extensive nationwide work

University Affiliated to

All the universities associated with MEG are Approved by

  •  UGC ( University Grant Commision)
  • AICTE ( All India Council Of Technical Education)
  • DEC ( Distance Education Council )
  • BCI ( Bar Council Of India )
  • State Govt