From the Management Desk

Mr.Trilok Nath Malhotra
(Chairman and Founder of Malhotra
Education Group)
"I welcome you on behalf of entire Malhotra Education Group. Our cross-functional curriculum with a harmonious blend of varied disciplines gives us an edge over the other Institutes. We provide our students with innovative and practical oriented education that helps them develop right set of expertise to survive and stand out as the best, in the highly competitive business environment. After all, our ardent efforts are targeted towards unleashing students' true potential and helping them realise their core-competencies. And to give shape to these motives, we rely solely on our two strong pillars – a dedicated team of faculty members and an excellent infrastructure support. Although it pleases us a lot, but it never comes across as a surprise to us when our students excel in their designated arenas. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours"

Mrs. Uma Malhotra
(President and Co Founder of
Malhotra Education Group)
"Malhotra Education Group ensures that all its every student emerges as a total professional i.e. as one with a distinct individuality to lead and galvanize the process of change and transformation in the 21st century. It intends to help students discover their various facets and attain their true potential. To attain its objectives, MEG has the best possible industry contacts, the finest of faculty and a stimulating learning environment. All in all, MEG ensures that its students are equipped with the wherewithal to realize their dreams the moment they step out from the Institute."

Malhotra Education Group Joins hands with Kalyani Institute Of Professional Studies (KIPS)

(Founder of KIPS)
"We take pleasure in introducing our organization KIPS under Kalyani Education Trust Mumbai. Kips was started in the year 1996 and with the sole aim of nurturing the budding desire of aspiring students be in the field of Management, Engineering, IT and Traditional Courses. We are proud to play a significant role to address the great diversity in social, cultural and economic environment in the world bringing the best solutions and results."

Mr.Deepak Bhalla
(Chairman of KIPS)
"Education is a process which contributes in building socio-economic infrastructure of the nation. The efforts taken to provide education to the masses, has made India emerge as an economic power. We feel proud to act as contributors of this social transformation."

Prof. Ravi Bhalla
(Director of KIPS)
"Education of good quality is the need of the hour and our youth must be able to compete in every field of life and culture. I am sure that we will cater to the need of the society and will flourish in its activities in the years to come."

University Affiliated to

All the universities associated with MEG are Approved by
  •  UGC ( University Grant Commision)
  • AICTE ( All India Council Of Technical Education)
  • DEC ( Distance Education Council )
  • BCI ( Bar Council Of India )
  • State Govt